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Saturday, March 2, 2019

March 2, 1942 Diary

61st Day - 304 Days to Follow

Written by Margie Arbuthnot

Down to Zero this morning at 6 A. M.
Warmer today.  I had some cold today so didn't wash.
Had a letter from the Mass. folks today.
Also a picture of Jim's cub scout pack.

The family from Mass. that Grandma refers to is her eldest son, Kenneth, his wife Mildred [Davies] and their two sons, Jim and Roy.  Ken had attended what is now Colorado State University in Fort Collins and graduated with an entomology degree. It was known as the Agricultural College or Aggie College when he was there.  He worked for M.I.T. assisting with the research there.  We are very proud of our Uncle Ken as he was one of the very first to suggest that DDT was not a good pesticide to use on crops, that it could cause illness and even death in humans.  It was difficult on the family to have Ken and Mildred living so far away.  In the summers, the grandsons Roy and Jim would come to visit.  They had many stories that they shared with their families of their time with their cousins.  I don't have the photo that Grandma received of Jim's cub scout troop.  But I do have a baseball photo that Jim had shared with me.

Children of Fred and Margie Arbuthnot.
L to R - Marjorie, Kenneth, Una, Donald
Photo taken when Ken graduated from College in the 1925.
Ken, Mildred, Roy and Ken at Brainard Lake, Colorado

Eldest son of Margie and Fred.
Ken and Mildred (Davies) Arbuthnot with sons
Roy and Jim

Jim Arbuthnot's baseball team.
Grandpa must have been very proud as he loved the baseball games.

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