My family came to what is now Boulder, Colorado, arriving when Boulder was three months old. My Great-great-grandfather was Carson W. Arbuthnot and with him, he brought his four sons and a son-in-law. Since a little child I have loved the history of this beautiful mountain area, the legacy's of the Natives who were here when my family arrived, and the way our community has grown to what it is today. My blog is dedicated to seeking evidence of all that happened. The good, the bad and the ugly, I will share the evidence of what I find.

I also share Boulder County and Colorado History through entertaining storytelling. Dressed as one of my early Boulder County ancestors, I will make you laugh, smile and sometimes cry as I share the stories of the people who came before us and who established these communities that we enjoy today. Please visit my storytelling and events pages for information on performances.

Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy your time here.

Donlyn Arbuthnot

Family Tree

The Family Lineage of Arbuthnot Table 1 - USA

Samuel Arbuthnot b. 20 Feb 1758 in N. Ireland, d. 20 Jan 1844 Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, married Esther McMarlin b. 21 March 1779 in N. Ireland, d. 28 Sept. 1852 Gibsonia, Pennsylvania.

Names in green are those who came to Boulder in the Pikes Peak Gold Rush, arriving June 20, 1859.
  • Alexander Arbuthnot
  • David Arbuthnot
  • Jane Arbuthnot
  • Carson William Arbuthnot married Mary Frances "Frannie" Arbuthnot
    • Esther Louise Arbuthnot m. Stephen Dawson Newton
    • Samuel Cristy Arbuthnot m. Mary Rachel Johnson
      • William E. "Short Will" m. Clara Jain
      • Lilly M. m. Thomas F. Nolan
      • Inez B.
      • Leon L.
      • Ray Eldon
      • Anna E.
    • William Carson Arbuthnot m. Mary Elizabeth Bader
      • Frederick Wilhelm Arbuthnot m. Margie Ann Coe
        • Kenneth D.
        • Marjorie
        • Una
        • Donald F.
      • William Carson Arbuthnot "Long Will" m. Kate Stephens Doolittle
        • Alice
      • George John Arbuthnot m. Nancy Louisa Brammeier
        • Inez
        • Ivan "Hap"
        • Stephen
      • Melissa Leona Arbuthnot m. John "Jack" Arthur Walker
      • Stella May Arbuthnot
      • Sidney Arthur Arbuthnot
    • James A. Arbuthnot m. Widow Phoebe Anne Evans Steele
    • Jane Arbuthnot
    • Martha B. "Mattie" Arbuthnot
    • Margaret G. "Maggie" Arbuthnot m. Alva D. Colvin
    • Charles Thomas Arbuthnot
    • Frances Ann Arbuthnot
  • Sarah Arbuthnot
  • Samuel Arbuthnot
  • Robert L. Arbuthnot
  • Mary Arbuthnot
  • James Gibson Arbuthnot
  • Martha Arbuthnot
  • Thomas Gibson Arbuthnot

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