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Bader & Knaus Family Tree

Konrad and Maria Elizabeth (Kreitner*) Bader were Minonites who lived in Baden-Baden, Germany.  They had eleven children.  They were Frederica b. 1820, Caroline b. 1822, Christian b. 1924, Johann Georg b. 1825, William Frederick b. 1826, Nicholas Ernest b. 1828, Karl Friedrich b. 1830, Johann George b. 1832, Carolina Katherina b. 1834, Catherine b. 1836, and Wilhelm b. 1841

Two of these siblings made their way to Colorado.
These were Johann Georg Bader* and Nicholas Ernest Bader.
In America, Johann George Bader was known as John George Bader, but he liked to be called George.  I use the name of J. George Bader to try to clarify him from other George Baders.

Click here for the church records for the birth of Johann Georg Bader.
Click here for the church records for the birth of Nicholas Ernest Bader.

  • John George "George" Bader m. Mary Messinger (Mösinger*) in Germany
  • J. George married second Suzanne VanDorn
    • George Bader [after his father's death, George changed his last name to VanDorn]
  • J. George married third Mary F. Roberts
    • Louis Bader
    • Louella Bader
    • John Franklin "Frankie" Bader
    • Augusta Mosher [adopted Daughter]

  • Nicholas Ernest Bader m. Eliza Alice Greub
    • William Ernest Bader m. Sarah Welty
    • Frank Amos Bader m. Laura Ereckson
    • George Nicholas Bader m. Iva Burch
  • After Nicholas E. Bader's death from appendicitis in 1872, Eliza A. Greub Bader married their hired hand, Clemens Knaus.  Of this marriage, 10 children were born
    • John Alex Knaus
    • Matilda Jane Knaus
    • Mollie Etta Knaus
    • Albert Jacob Knaus
    • Clemens Edward Knaus
    • Frederick Knaus
    • Emma Louise Knaus
    • Daniel Knaus
    • Jessie Myrtle
    • Karl Knaus
* Spellings of the names are often different in the United States from the names in other countries.  As well as mistakes can be made in the transcriptions of names by those who interrupt old documents for genealogy, and who are not familiar with the families in these documents.  Names indicated by an asterisk (*)  are the spelling of the names on certificates from their church records from their home country and believed to be the correct spelling of that persons name.  All original documents and sources can be found on Familysearch.com 


  1. I found this very interesting. Turns out my uncle (a Knaus) married his cousin (a Bader) and they both never knew they were related genetically!

    1. Interesting! I would love to connect with you and share more about the Knaus/Bader families. You can e-mail me at: donlynaa@mac.com
      Thanks for sharing -- Donlyn


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