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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sale of the Arbuthnot & Sons' Gold Mines, 1864

From the collection of Samuel Arbuthnot.
Unknown mine and the men are not identified.
Boulder photographer, Joe Sturtevant
(aka Rocky Mountain Joe) titled this a "Slim Meal"

For an unknown reason in 1864, Carson W. Arbuthnot give Power of Attorney to his son William. Then sent William along with his Brothers to the Boulder County Courthouse to give Power of Attorney to sell off several discoveries and gold claim lodes up in Gold Hill (Boulder County, Colorado) area. There are several interesting clues held in these documents. First of all are all of the holdings of Arbuthnot & Sons.  The Fanny Lode was most likely named for Carson's wife (and the boy's mother), Mary Frances "Fanny" Jones Arbuthnot.  I wonder who Jennie was.  I also wonder if any of these lodes are a part of any current gold mines that are still active now.  And one wonders too, how much did Graham & Patterson get for these mines.

The following two pages were transcribed by me, form the original (microfilm) in the Grantee/Grantor books located in the Department of Records, Boulder County, Boulder, Colorado.

The documents appear here in the order that they were entered into the Boulder County Record Books, Boulder County, Colorado Territory.

Grantee/Grantor Book A, Page 464.

Known all men by these presents: That we C. W. Arbuthnot by his attorney in fact William Arbuthnot, Samuel Arbuthnot, and James Arbuthnot of the County of Boulder & Territory of Colorado have this day made constituted and appointed and by these presents do make constitute and appoint Thomas J. Graham and A. O. Patterson of the aforesaid territory our true and lawful attorneys for us and in our names to sell and make executive and deliver a good and sufficient deed. Sufficing to convey the following described property lying and being situated in the County of Boulder and in the Territory of Colorado and more particularly described as follows to wit: Nos One (1) Two (2) and Three (3) East on the John Lode Nos Three (30 Four (4) and Five (5) NE on the Snow Load. The Discovery on the John Lode, Nos Four (4) Five (5) and Six (6) SW on the Jefferson Lode. Nos Four (4) Five (5) and Six (6) on the SW on the Cider Lode. Nos Two (2) Three (3) and Five (5) North East on the Fanny Lode. The Discovery on the Jennie Lode and the West half of number eighteen (18) West on the Horsfall Lode all in the Gold Hill District. 

To such person or persons and such sum or sums of money as my said attorneys or either of them may think proper and generally to do all act or acts for us and in our names as our attorneys in fact the same as if we were personally present and acting for ourselves. Provided they the said Graham and Patterson or either of thus our said attorneys in fact shall sell the aforesaid property on or before the 11
 th day of September AD1864 and further we hereby agree to satisfy and confirm all acts thus being the sale of the above described property which our said attorneys or either of them shall legally do in the premises. In testimony whereof we hereunto to set our hand and seal this 11th day of May AD1864
Carson W. Arbuthnot by L. S.
his Attorney in fact William Arbuthnot
Samuel Arbuthnot L. S.
James Arbuthnot L. S.
Territory of Colorado, County of Boulder; on this 11
th day of May AD

[Can not read the final line of this page, it would have the signature of the County Recorder, R. Culver]

Grantee/Grantor Book A, Page 465

1864 Personally appeared before me Clerk of Boulder County duly qualified to take acknowledgements C. W. Arbuthnot by his attorney in fact William Arbuthnot and Samuel Arbuthnot and James Arbuthnot personally known to me to be the identical persons who subscribed the foregoing Power of Attorney and acknowledged the signing and sealing of the same to be this voluntary act and deed for the purposes therein set forth
Witness my hand and the seal of said County of Boulder hereunto affixed this 11th day of May AD1864
L. S.
Robert Culver, Clerk of Boulder County, Col. Ter.
Filed for Record May 11th 1864
R. Culver, Recorder

Know all men by these presents that I Carson W. Arbuthnot of the County of Boulder in the Territory of Colorado do hereby appoint and constitute William Arbuthnot of the same county my true and lawful Attorney to do and transact all business of any kind whatever to buy or sell to transfer and convey any property now owned by me or in any way belonging to me to collect any money due me and receipt for the same and I do hereby consent and agree that all the business which he the said William Arbuthnot may do for me shall be as binding upon one in all respects as though I myself had done it.
Witness my and seal this eighth day of December AD1863. ($T.Stroup)
Carson W. Arbuthnot L. S.
Territory of Colorado
Boulder County 

Be it known on the eighth day of December AD1863 appeared before me P. M. Housel a Justice of the Peace in and for the County of Boulder C. W. Arbuthnot to me well known to be the identical person whose name is and scribed to the foregoing instrument and acknowledge that he signed the same for the intent and purposes as these set forth.
P. M. Housel J.P.    L. S.
Filed for Record May 11, 1864
R. Culver, Recorder

This was not in Boulder County, but not far away at the Gregory Diggings,
near Central City.  This etching is excellent showing a placer mine and panning.
It was published in the book,
Beyond the Mississippi, Albert D. Richardson, 1867

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Filbert Ice Cream

It's cold outside!  Yep, it's time to make ice cream! "What?" you say, "But it's Winter!"

Yes it is winter, and when the icicles were big and dripping from the roof of the house, that's when our family would make ice cream.  Just as mom's grandmother had done with her, mom would send us out with a broom to break down the big icicles.  We'd smash them up and gather a bucket full to bring into the basement where the old ice cream maker sat.  The crushed icicles were used to pack around the canister of cream that was in the center of the wooden bucket.  Rock Salt was layered in with the ice and we knew that after a lot of cranking (churning the cream), we'd all be enjoying something wonderful.

Here is an old recipe that was a favorite!

Filbert Ice Cream (1880)

You'll need one quart of good, thick cream and one pound of nuts.
Make a sugar syrup out of 20 ounces of sugar and 10 ounces of water.

[Heat the sugar and water together just until the sugar has dissolved.  Let cool while you do the next step.]

Break the nuts and roast over a low hot fire. Sprinkle some cream on them and pound them. Mix the cream, nuts, two beaten eggs, and syrup over a medium heat, stirring until you've got a custard. Strain and cool. Freeze [churn in an ice cream maker until frozen].  Pack the frozen cream in a mold and pack the mold in ice until ready to serve.

A Hand-Crank Ice Cream Churning Machine

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mines in Gold Hill, Colorado Territory, acquired by the Arbuthnot men in 1862

In the Boulder County Court House the Grantee/Grantor Books are housed for Boulder County.  In Book A (the first record book for this area), on pages 94 and 95, are transactions where the Arbuthnot men acquired lodes (gold mining claims) on the Horsfal Mountain.  The first major gold discovery was on this mountain on January 15, 1859.

A Grantee is the person who is receiving something, such as a title or a deed.
A Grantor is the person who is giving up something, such as the seller of a mine or land.

In this first transaction, Arbuthnot & Sons (Carson W. Arbuthnot, his sons Samuel, William, James, Charles) purchased portions of the Horsfal mine sold by C. W. Chambers for the price of $15,000.  This transaction took place in the last half of C. W. Arbuthnot's term as the Constable of Sugar Loaf Mining District and the Gold Hill Mining District.  Fifteen thousand dollars is a great deal of money back in this day, and I believe this indicates that Sheriff Carson Arbuthnot must have been a very busy Sheriff at this time to amass such a fortune.  His sons probably chipped some of their gold from their other lodes as well.   We will never know if they were able to recover their investment in this particular claim.

C. W. Chambers
C. W. Arbuthnot & Sons
Quit Claim Deed
Gold Hill, January 25, 1862
For the consideration of fifteen thousand dollars in hand paid the recipient of which is here by acknowledged I have sold and do here by transfer unto C. W. Arbuthnot and sons all of my rights; title and interest in and to the East fifteen feet of claim No. 5 west and the west fifteen feet of claim No. 4 west both on the Horsefall Lode in Gold Hill District, Colorado Territory.  In testimony where I have set my hand and seal, day and year above written.
C. W. Chambers, L.S.
Attest W. Y. (?) Dodd
Recorded Feb 8, 1862 In Book (?) Page 268
E. S. Glotfelter, Recorder
Filed Feb. 11 at 12 M.

In the next transaction, a couple of weeks after the above transaction, Carson W. Arbuthnot is in partnership with John M. Squires for a portion of the Horsfal Mine.

Grantee/Grantor Book A, Page 95
Load Claim
Arbuthnot & Squires
Gold Hill District, February 5, 1862
This is to certify that I have received the necessary evidence by the Powers invested in me by the laws of this District C. W. Arbuthnot & John M. Squires to be the rightful owners of fractional Quartz Claim eleven feet and six inches which lies between number four and five west on the Horsefall Lode by right of preemption given under my hand and seal given this the fifth day of February 1862.
Charles Dabney, Resident
E. S. Glotfelter, Recorder
Filed Feb. 11 at 12M

Many thanks to Chellee Courtney for this wonderful photo of an old mine up on Horsfal Mountain, Gold Hill, Colorado.

W.D. Goudge Collection, 
courtesy Chellee Courtney, Horsfal Mountain,
Gold Hill, Boulder County, Colorado

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